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Monthly Fee:
R750 pp per month

Private one on one session:
R250 pp per session

Twice a Week:
R550 pp per session

Semi private duo session:
R200 pp per session

Trio session:
R110 pp per session

Drop in class:
R100 pp per session

CrossFit Lingo

Start understanding the lingo connected to the movements that you can expect to see in the box…
- Workout of the Day
- Think you're fast? See how you stack up with the rest of the CrossFit world by measuring the time it takes to complete a prescribed workout.
- As many rounds as possible or reps as possible
- Trusters feel like the bane of all CrossFitters existence. To do this move, grab a barbell and start in front rack position--standing position with the bar resting against the front of your shoulders; hold the barbell with a hook grip. Drop into a full squat position while keeping the barbell at shoulder level. Return to standing position in an explosive (thrusting) motion and push the weight up over your head. Bring the barbell back down to your shoulders and repeat.
- Get your minds out of the gutter. The snatch has many variations (power, hang, muscle), but the overall goal is to use a wide grip to lift a barbell from the floor to an overhead position in one fluid and lightening-fast motion. Tip: Keeping the bar closer to your body when hoisting it up allows for better balance.
- Personal Best
- Personal Record
- A repetition or one instance of a given exercise
- A group of repetitions
See Video
- Metabolic Conditioning (aka Metcon)
- Weight of the kettlebell. (1 pood = 35lbs, 1.5 pood = 44lbs, 2 pood = 70lbs)
- CrossFit gym
- Helps with grip and studies show it increase strength ;)
- Named after Dr. Tabata who design an interval typed of workout doing 20 seconds of moving and 10 second of rest for 8 rounds. (Total of 4 minute per exercise)
Rack Position
- Bar resting on your collar bone and anterior deltoids (front shoulder) support by hands.
Double Unders
- Jump rope skill. You jump once and the rope makes 2 revolutions
Box Jump
- An exercise where you jump onto and down from an elevated platform
See Video
Air Squat
See Video
- Dead lift See Video



Welcome to a community of people who believe in more and who are taking steps towards realising more each day. More input - More output. More output - More input. More fitness - More life.

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More is More

Our training methods are diverse, broad and progressive - Creating more opportunity to get more benefits from more training methods - all of the time!

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